Monday, November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday Scams

This camera (a Nikon J1) was on sale with a lens before Black Friday & Cyber Monday for $127.

On Black Friday the lens and camera had been mysteriously unbundled. The price demanded was somewhat higher. Today, being Cyber Monday, the scam continues. The camera on its own is now $126.

Add the cheapest matching lens at $104. The total is now $220!

Now add in the 20% cyber Monday discount which actually worked today though it didn't a couple of hours ago and the price is $180.

Basically, its a total scam. It looks like you're saving money but in fact you're spending more. In this instance, $53 more.

Cyber Monday, Black Friday - all scams to lure the unwary. Be very sure that no retailer is ever going to be generous.

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