Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Almost six months!

Yesterday my blog stats showed an entry from June 30 was receiving several views. I went back and reread that entry out of curiosity. It was all about my having left Facebook. I can barely even remember using Facebook now and certainly don't miss it. In fact, very few of the people I know in real life actually use Facebook.

I'd say the best comment about Facebook is that people I met in the past and don't wish to encounter again, probably use Facebook. Why should I post to Facebook and let them know by virtue that I'm posting that I'm still alive? Better the people that I don't want following me to believe I died in that grenade explosion! Even worse, people would be able to look me up!

I have very much a feeling Facebook is primarily used by weak people who need emotional support. They need approval or adulation for everything they do. Why else would they post for all the world to see, the things they do. Some things should remain private such as relationships, what you had for dinner, where you live etc. Instead, Facebook users broadcast it for all the world to see. Many even via Facebook messenger allow the world to see their current location at all times. What a bonus for burglars, muggers and rapists!

Similarly, people love to seek approval via forums. I used to marvel at people who'd post online their latest purchases, letting all the wrong people know what they owned. Psst - the guy in No. 3 just bought a $3,500 camera and its small and pocketable.

They agonise on forums, trying to get others to make their decisions for them. I have $295 - should I buy this or that? Make your own darn mind up - its your money!

Most of what they laughably call Social Media is anything but. There just seem to be way too many downsides. Everything is double edged...
Foursquare - let's your friends know where you are. Also lets your enemies, process servers, bosses and burglars know where you are. Rather hard to deny having had a call from work that you're in the area when you're busily posting from the restaurant next door!
Twitter - anything you post can and will be taken completely out of context and used against you.
Facebook - the same as foursquare and Facebook plus additional dangers. Imagine working for a defence contractor and being a member of a group opposed to their work when you were enrolled in that group by a friend and didn't even know about it!

Do I miss Facebook? Hardly! I'd like to be in touch with some of the people but judging from their lack of effort in contacting me off Facebook, I clearly wasn't that important in their lives. Perhaps more than that, their Facebook addiction is too strong.

Do I miss forums? Not really. It's a breath of fresh air not reading the garbage posted. It's nice not starting sensible discussions only to see them perverted into a mockery of sanity within two responses.

Would I miss the internet if it was simply switched off? Not really. Indeed, I am at the point where I just don't feel the internet is really worth paying for!

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