Sunday, November 15, 2015


In 2003 I was last in Paris. It wasn't actually intentional, however. I'd taken a job with an English language school in Lumbier in Spain that I'd seen advertised. That ended up being the last time I ever taught English as a foreign language. Just as all the other engliush schools I'd taught in, the wages were mysteriously only half what was agreed and travel expenses were never refunded. After three consecutive jobs like that, I abandoned EFL as a joke job and wrote off the £1,000 course fees, chalking it up to experience.

When I was in Paris, I arrived via the train from Pamplona then crossed Paris on their Metro. The area around the Gard du Nord looked very Arabian. Mine was the only European face in the area. Indeed, it felt as though I was walking through the Kazbar!

From there I went to the Eiffel tower but as it was still very early, the tower was closed but the stallholders were busily setting up their stalls. None were of French origin. Indeed, it felt again that I was in the Kazbar.

The next stop was a McDonalds where a snooty individual served me with coffee and a croissant. Again, mine was the sole European face visible. Indeed it was the Eurostar desk before I saw my first honest to goodness French face then it turned out he was Greek!

The bombings and mass murder in Paris the other day do not surprise me in the slightest. It would be only an imbecile that would believe that amidst the mass influx from Arabia, a hard core 5th column is not present.

The West is making some very fundamental and serious miscalculations. Dealing with the Arab world in trade is fine. Allowing a mass influx that won't adopt Western customs is a breeding ground for trouble. Indeed, the Rivers of Blood speech comes to mind. We have allowed the Arabs to come here and set up little caliphates. We're we to go there, we would have to adopt their ways yet they do not adopt ours. It's as though they come to extend their territory.

Western interference in Arab affairs do not go down well. What the West is trying to do is to ensure the safety of the oil supplies since much of the world's oil comes from Arabia. The west supports whichever regime gives the best trade deal. Every now and then, Arabia revolts and causes trouble. Britain never really won a war in Afghanistan yet Britain is back in Afghanistan. Now we're all picking sides in Syria then being amazed when Syrian fifth columnists arrive in the west to carry on the war on our doorstep.

General Nott had the best, most effective response to an uprising in Afghanistan. He marched into Kabul, burned the bazaar to the ground and left. Had the west still retained any guts, the west could have ended thus current Arabian uprising years ago. The problem is that too many do gooders call off effective responses before they're finished. It's like taking a course of antibiotics then quitting half way through then wondering why the sickness carries on any why it is now antibiotic resistent.

There seem to me to be several ways forward.
1. Keep on as we are, catching one or two bad guys while the rest skip through to do their evil.
2. Round up all the Arabians and their sympathizers and deport them permanently to Arabia.
3. Stop buying oil from Arabia, cease trading with Arabia and cease flights to/from Arabia and let them kill each other, not us.
4. Make life intolerable for our own people by employing such restrictive security measures that people are going to say "hmm... Maybe the Arabs have a point"
5. Pretend the Arabs will be our nice cuddly buddies if we pull out militarily and reap the consequences.
6. Recognise that we are fighting a real cancer and deal with it aggressively. Perhaps dropping a nuclear bomb on Mecca during the Haj and dealing equally effectively with local terror cells will be the best response. Judge Dredd style justice.

Whatever happens now, I can see people becoming very suspicious of photographers and anybody in bulky clothing or carrying heavy bags. There's no rationale behind it but that's the way its going to be. In the kind of atmosphere of suspicion in the cities, the only winner will be the Arab, forcing us to change our lifestyles because of them.

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