Saturday, November 28, 2015

Black Friday scams

Even Amazon was at it yesterday. A 4 year old camera that has been discontinued for 3 being advertised way above normal prices. This thing normally knocks about for $100-$150 yet Amazon thinks they're so special that they can charge double!

Needless to say, I had a look on the KEH website where it said clearly that using the blackfriday coupon code I'd get 30% off used lenses and 20% off used cameras. So I picked two - a Nikon 1 J1 for $121 and a 10mm Nikon lens for $100.

Now that should add up to $96.80 for the camera and $70 for the lens for a grand total of $166.80 approx.

And yet we have a grand total of $197.60. That's $30 higher than is advertised. Clearly false advertising! Oh, they'll claim it was an error - everybody does that when they're caught out. Even the criminal caught with blood spatter all over them and a smoking gun in their hand will claim the gun was put in their hand by the victim and went off by accident.

The annoying thing about Black Friday is that the whole thing is a total scam yet the public is too much of a sucker to figure it out. All the stuff on sale bar perhaps a few sweeteners that somebody else (never you) will get (if they ever existed anyway) is old stock. Black Friday is just a way of shifting end of line stock to make room for the new lines. Watch the prices - what you think you saved a ton on will be selling for the same or less by Christmas - if it's even still carried.

Be like me - say no to scams and fighting crowds and for parking spaces. I just stay home.

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