Friday, November 6, 2015

Global warming is a lie!

For years I've been wasting my time online. Let's just face it, the internet is the biggest pile of lies known to man. The only people to make money from the internet are the people selling computers and internet services. OK, those are rather outrageous claims?

Let's compare this argument to Harrison Schmitt's arguments about global warming. Having studied the mechanics behind global warming, I'm pretty much behind Dr Schmitt in that its a load of tosh. Dr Schmitt argues that the people fussing about the evils of communism simply seized on global warming as their campaign when communism collapsed. There are enough people willing to make money from any cause to perpetuate the cause.

The reason global warming is junk science is volcanoes. The amount of global warming gasses produced over the last 100 years is less than 1% of the global warming gasses produced by just one single volcano. There are hundreds of active volcanoes spewing out CFCs and other such global warming gasses every day. The amount mankind adds is negligible.

Now, going back to the internet, like global warming, it too is bunk. Look at the most viewed website - pornhub! The most viewed website is a titty website. Governments are crawling over each other like roaches to scrutinize what their citizens are scrawling on what is essentially a worldwide graffiti wall.

So let's look at my experience of the internet...
1. Websites and blogs. They're mildly fun to do but don't attract much in the way of viewers. Today, for example, this blog has had 156 recorded views, most of which I am certain are miscounts.
2. Making money online. That's sheer fantasy! I have AdSense on my blogs, websites and YouTube. Last month income was a massive three cents from it all. At one point I had a small business that was mainly advertised online. The website had zero visitors the entire life of the business. In fact, the online advertising cost money but attracted less interest than my advert in the Yellow Pages - which never paid for itself!
3. E-mail - largely killed by junk mail. Certainly I have an email account but I hardly ever look at it as its always full of rubbish. I don't get emails from anybody and just don't give out an E-mail address any more. If people want to contact me, they can write or phone!
4. Online job adverts - I really don't know anybody that got a job as a result of an online application. I certainly never have. In fact, I don't know anybody that got a job through filling in an application form either. Usually it's a case of who you know or who your friends know!
5. Online shopping - not particularly trustworthy.
6. Social media. Since everything you put online can be seen by everybody, is it wise to put anything online in your own name? I've seen so many come too grief over innocent and not so innocent online comments. Best to avoid it.
7. Online forums/discussion groups - not worth bothering with. One one, the other day, an important legislative issues was raised. Contributors didn't discuss the issues, preferring to go off on tangents over spelling and other such nonsense.
8. Technical websites - how do you know they're accurate or even honest? I can't believe the number of purportedly serious websites that I've seen that have been riddled with factual inaccuracies!

As far as surveillance is concerned, if you're bothered by it, don't throw $500 at a new smartphone. Instead, spend $30 on a new flipphone and turn the blasted thing off when you're not using it. I spent the first 27 years of my life without ever having used the internet. I can assure you life without the internet is not only possible but that you'll get more done without it.

How does the internet influence my photography? Simple - I stopped bothering about posting photos and reading people's opinions as most of the individuals posting comments were on a mission to post nastiness. I joined a real world camera club and we show our photos in person, once a month. What a contrast! Online is nastiness and negativity. In a real group with real people, it's pleasant and cooperative.

Returning to Facebook, I suspect somebody tipped off Facebook that I was using a pseudonym. Clearly that would have been the kind of person I would choose not to associate with. I've seen enough people fall foul of things they've said innocently on Facebook, years before to be sure never to want to open account in my own name.

So, what about the internet? Is it really necessary? I don't believe it is. In fact I believe that unless you access free public Wi-Fi that its most definitely not worth paying for. Indeed, were I to return to Britain, I would most certainly not bother with the internet any further. At the moment I just use public Wi-Fi and nothing else.

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