Thursday, February 6, 2014

10 reasons why a male photographer should have at least one pair of pantyhose.

  1. You might meet the lady of your dreams who suffers an embarrassing wardrobe accident when her pantyhose gets snagged and you can save the day by whipping out a new pair of pantyhose for her.
  2. They're really great as emergency replacements for broken fan belts.
  3. For a photographer, they are the original diffusing filter. Think Weegee had a diffusing filter? Heck, no. He used pantyhose. Think Robert Doisneau didn't have a pair to use for filtering romantic images - heck, yes.
  4. They can be used to aid in the filtration of water. My friend This fellow uses a pair of pantyhose filled with puzzolane to filter rainwater for his drinking water. 
  5. They can be used in place of rope to bind villains hands together until such a time as they can be turned over to the boys in blue.
  6. Bragging rights - you can hold them up as a trophy during your next bar-room bragging session.
  7. Filled with straw or scrunched paper they can be used to support objects you want to photography.
  8. They can be used to secure small branches to keep them out of view when taking a photograph.
  9. They can be used as props in fun photos.
  10. They work well as a hair net, should you find you need a hair net.
Oh, come on - even though this was shot through a pair of pantyhose to illustrate the point (and shot with the camera on my late, lamented Blackberry), this is a fun photo.

So, next time you're in the grocery store, grab yourself a pair of pantyhose and bring some fun into your life.

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