Saturday, February 8, 2014

Every photographer should have fake nails and nail polish in their bag.

Yes - you - should have fake nails and nail polish in your bag. I am prone to breaking my nails on the side of the nail. This has often been caused by handling books and big boxes of books. Fortunately now I don't have to heft books and big boxes of books. Having said that, imagine you're out in the field, photographing and really need your nail not to be broken as it's catching in everything.
What better solution to a damaged nail and prevention of a painful and the potential bloodbath caused by catching the damaged nail on something and ripping it off accidentally than a fake nail glued over it? Seriously, you're going to worry that one fake nail might make you look effeminate? They're only a dollar or two in the Dollar shop and given a little abrasion to remove the fancy finish will look exactly like your nails do anyway. 
That little fake nail doesn't look so bad does it? And it's practical too. Now I bet you're going to ask why in tarnation a photographer - especially a guy should carry nail polish in their camera bag. The answer is simple - I don't mean nail polish like this:
I mean nail polish like the bottle below. This comes in handy for so many different things. I can paint it onto a screw that I don't want to come undone without my deliberate action. It works as a clone of Thread Lok. It doesn't cost much different either. Models - if you're shooting ladies - can use the clear polish to stop runs from progressing in their stockings. It can be used to insulate electrical contacts. It can even be used to add shine to subjects that lack shine. For example, fools gold painted with clear nail polish will acquire a luster that it never possessed in real life.
Time to put your toughness to one side and hand it to the ladies - they have this one figured out. Time to take a leaf from their book and get yourself some nail polish and fake nails.

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