Wednesday, February 12, 2014

10 reasons why every male photographer should carry lipstick

Ok, I lied. It's not ten reasons why every male photographer should carry lipstick. Today is your bonus day and you get eleven for the price of ten. Look - 10% extra free. 

There are many more reasons why a male photographer or indeed any man should carry a lipstick as part of their normal equipment. I'm all for breaking down the ridiculous role stereotypes that exist. The other day I gave reasons why photographers should carry pantyhose. In fact there are many male professions where pantyhose is a normal thing to wear and I'm not talking about drag shows. Divers often wear pantyhose in order that when they remove their rubber wetsuits, the rubber doesn't pull the hairs out of their legs. Soldiers often wear pantyhose in colder climates just for that extra layer of insulation.

Aside from the reasons below, I'm sure that lipstick is actually more commonly worn by men than is commonly conceived. Aside from actors who always have some form of make-up on when they're working, I have seen male hotel clerks wearing lipstick as well as male shop assistants. Take a look at the next fellow that serves you in your favorite fast-food place.
Lipstick pen
  1. Lipstick can be used as a grease - handy for lubricating screws and bolts, mechanisms etc in an emergency.
  2. In the absence of suitable kindling, a lipstick can be used as a fire-starter as it has plenty petro-chemicals that burn quite nicely when ignited.
  3. Lip balm - very handy for those days when your lips are at risk of chapping.
  4. Camouflage - anything that breaks up outlines is good though the darker colors and the non reds would be better.
  5. Writing an emergency message such as an arrow showing the direction in which you went.
  6. In the absence of a female companion, it can be used to apply lipstick to wine glasses etc to make them seem as though a lady has partaken. Handy for photo shoots.
  7. Pens can often be disguised as lipstick. I have such a pen.
  8. A quick application of lipstick, slipping on a face veil and a burka can get you out of most hostile Middle Eastern countries with not a glance from the border guards.
  9. Lipstick can be used to touch up a model's make-up if she forgot her own.
  10. If you're shooting a morbid scene, lipstick can be used to simulate gunshot wounds.
  11. You could always just wear it and be amused by people's reactions.

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