Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hugely entertaining!

There's a pretty worthless camera review site in which the camera testing is distinctly unchallenging. Not a single test comes back with less than around 85% approval!

A few days ago, somebody put up a discussion, questioning the camera reviews and their worth. I commented that the ratings were all pretty biassed on on most review sites. I further pointed out that most websites gave reviews according to money received from manufacturers and suppliers.

Now, the site that I got banned from is owned by... Amazon! Looks like the arrow hit the mark there!

As far as content of that site is concerned, the reviews are worthless. As I said before, every camera gets a great rating. Every piece of equipment gets a great rating. The reviews all look like they've been penned by the manufacturer or the seller. Dissent over the quality and integrity of the reviews is suppressed.

The discussion forums are laughable as are most forums. People put sensible discussions up and the responses are laughable. It's as though the vast majority of posters are unintelligent to the point of being fools or perhaps (being very charitable) under the mental age of about 7. Indeed, I've met more intelligent 7 year olds!

So, should I set up a new account or just wash my hands of that website? On the whole, its probably best just to wash my hands of the site! It was entertaining to read the stupid responses to things and even more entertaining to see the buffoonery going on. Indeed, putting comments up based on reality would attract such ludicrous responses that several times I've been laughing so hard that everybody in the house could hear it.

It's time to move on from photo forums. Indeed, I am a member of a camera club in real life so forum membership isn't really that interesting any more. I think one of the best comments I read was somebody asking why people were so negative about my photos and my comments when they said "he is good". They didn't seem to receive a sensible answer. It was more of a " just because" which is a total non answer.

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