Thursday, November 5, 2015

Britain, the unfree fascist state

I'm from Britain. I was born in Britain. Then after 35 years I moved to the USA where I'm now living.

In the intervening 15 years I have seen Britain go from a sloppily run country to a police state where every excuse made to intrude into people's private lives is blindly swallowed by an increasingly gullible public.

I have come to the conclusion British people would be happy to have to queue for a rectal probe every time it was decreed by the council to be necessary in order to find benefit cheats etc. Britain has totally surrendered the right of individuals to be individual.

If people really cared, they'd be attending MPs surgeries and political meetings to such an extent that large halls and fields would be needed. They'd be writing so many letters to MPs that each MPs daily mail would arrive in a lorry. Their phones would be in constant use. There would be marches and demonstrations - not of a piddling few hundred or few thousand but a hundred thousand or a million.

I fear that Britain is a country I would be afraid to live in, these days. Way too much surveillance and meddling in people's personal affairs. Given the horribly high crime levels, cameras just wouldn't be wise to carry. Similarly, if a camera were carried, all manner of people would come out of the woodwork to denounce the photographer.

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