Sunday, November 29, 2015

Commercial video

Looking at digital cameras these days, the vast majority are extremely well specified and capable devices. Gone are the days when separate still and video cameras were required.
Cinemas tend to use 4K video which many new cameras can produce and store to SD cards. Television can easily be simply a VGA video as television broadcasts are fairly low specification.

Pretty much anybody with VGA or greater can produce excellent video. Indeed the video above was taken quite easily with my cellphone. The subject isn't exciting nor is it meant to be. The quality of the video is excellent.

Years ago, Letter to Brezhnev was a budget film. These days, with digital video and digital distribution, just about anybody can set up as a professional movie studio. All that's needed is a camera capable of 4k video if it's intended for cinema or just about any camera for television production.

With so many wonderful editing suites being available cheap or free for computers, I'm rather surprised more people aren't taking advantage of their video production capabilities and producing their own feature films. Heavens they can even publish them free on YouTube like I have with my occasional Photography 101 series!

Where does this leave the big business of motion pictures? Quite honestly, in the same place it has always been - protected by a closed shop, protected by restrictive contracts and mafia like deals.

Where does this leave the amateur? In the same place that still photographers are - unable to sell their images. People are dead keen on tooling up but with no real aim. It's like the prepper that will prepare for the zombie invasion, the invasion from Mars and the invasion by hostile powers that will never come.

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