Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tempting - not really!

I just looked at the Black Friday prices of the secondhand camera gear I was interested in. Surprise, surprise - generous discounts but everything that's normally bundled was unbundled. It gives the illusion of a saving but the actuality is that if you bought all the things that were usually bundled, you'd end up paying more while feeling you're actually paying less. Not a bad scam for the retailer!

Meanwhile, I looked on eBay. I can pick up a Nikon 1 v1 for a bit over $100 with a lens. It's an old camera - 4 years old. It's not worth more even in unused condition. Some jokers on eBay look like they've found a room full of them in good condition and are currently trying to claim they're worth five times what they are!

I am interested in a Nikon 1 series camera and the 10mm f2.8 lens. Now the price of the lens at $100 with 30% off is good. The $125 with 20% off for the camera isn't great as the total is still way over the $75-$100 that the combination is actually worth.

The way these things are churned out like rice crispies, they're not worthy of high prices.

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