Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Android apps - what a pain in the butt!

Yesterday I wrote an article to publish today. The Android app has frozen with the article perpetually listed as "saving". Clearly the Blogger app is not to be trusted further than I can throw the entire of mount Everest while playing a Chilean nasal flute!

The problem - as evidenced by the problem with Google's blogger app is the general poor quality of the apps on the Android market. The problem is not solely an Android issue however. Windows, Linux, iOS etc all have vast numbers of apps, the majority of which are abominable.

Take the enclosed screenshot. This is an app designed to attract men to download it. Looking at the description, it does nothing bar move a stocking up and down a leg. In reality this is quite boring because it's an imitation stocking and an imitation leg. Having said that, thousands of impressionable young men will be downloading that trash and crucially viewing the adverts shown in the software.

Increasingly, Android software is powered by advertising. People put a worthless piece of junkware together - you can't really call it software - in order to get people to view adverts via the junkware. Writing software has ceased to be about writing software that does a job and become more about flogging advertising space.

The best thing you, the consumer, can do is simply to get the Google apps and ignore the rest. Maybe even go a step further and write in a notebook each company that advertises a product you normally purchase then making a commitment never to buy from that company again. If the product stinks so badly that it has to be advertised in order to get people to buy it then you don't want it. A good product is advertised solely via word of mouth.

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