Wednesday, October 15, 2014

$45 for 17 minutes, 64 messages and 500mb data

That's right - my monthly phone bill has just arrived. It was $45 for
64 Messages
500 mb data
17 minutes talk.

Per minute that works out at $2.65 a minute. Per megabyte that works out at 9 cents. Per message that works out at 70 cents. That's quite expensive! On the other hand, I do not have a house phone.

Given that the plan gives me 5GB of data at 3G speeds (Good luck on finding 3G anywhere in South Carolina), unlimited talk and unlimited text, for $45 a month, it's not a bad buy. There are some interesting plans out there for $100 a month for 20GB. I'm not sure I'll need that.

The plan is - as outlined yesterday - to replace DSL with a MiFi pad since my internet usage - even for this blog - is minimal. For $70 a MiFi pad can be obtained with non-expiring top up cards and 6GB a month for $50. The plan is to use up the phone data package until it's down to 2G data then to use the MiFi pad.

Since wifi is now commonly available in most place, it's no great problem to use wifi either for a lot of operations - particularly when large amounts of data need to be transferred. This is the age of minimalism and the age when all things are possible.

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