Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gone the way of the Dodo

The domain name www.britphoto.us expired last night. Originally it had cost $3.99 but the renewal was $10.99 - a price hike of $6 so the name provider was told to take a hike. Seriously, a 275% price rise in a year? Who's pulling whose leg there?

The new multitude of domain names from .xxx through to .butcher, .brothel and .sadism has an advantage in that it's now uneconomical for domain pirates to hog the domain names. For me though, as an individual, I really don't *need* a domain name which is why all mine will be lapsing sometime over the next year or so.

Originally, one domain name had been kept in order to retain an email address. That's no longer important so my domain names and webspace can all vanish. There's more than enough free webspace around these days not to have to bother with paid webspace or a paid domain name.

So, in true Communist style, here's my 5-year plan (all of which will be accomplished in way less time while the rest of the time will be devoted to as much drunken debauchery as the lady in my life permits):
  • Domain names shall no longer be purchased.
  • Webspace shall no longer be purchased.
  • Only free blogs and free webspace shall be used.
  • Email will all be free sites.
  • Photo hosting will all be done on free sites.
  • Internet access will be reduced and will go from DSL to MiFi.
I hate to think how much money has been spent on webhosting and domain names over the years.

Notice that I'm moving away from DSL and over to MiFi. This is largely because MiFi and my phone all provide large amounts of data. As long as I don't go nuts and use youtube via a phone connection, there's absolutely no need for me to use. In terms of cost, there's virtually no difference. The monthly MiFi charge would be the same for 6GB as my monthly DSL bill. The DSL is somewhat slow but then speed has never really bothered me since I don't generally do youtube nor do I play online games. I even moved away from using Facebook quite a while back. I'm just not a heavy internet user.

So, the future looks brighter. Less internet expense, less internet and more living. My latest project is to turn an old school bus into a motor home and to live in it. This will be documented in writing and with photography. There's even a special blog set up for it: www.schoolbushome.blogspot.com which you are encouraged to view.

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