Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The new paradigm

It has now been several days since DSL got the boot. Today is the first full day that access has been solely via a mobile phone. It's really not going too badly, to be honest. Blogging means a constant connection if it's to be done on a laptop. That's a bit of a bind but not too much of a bind.

Today the portable MiFi pad and a Nexus 7 tablet should have arrived at the local Walmart. This is how blogging and other things will be continuing for the foreseeable future. The Nexus allows for composure of a blog entry without having to be online. Thus, it's a case of composing and connecting to upload. It's even possible to use wifi elsewhere as the tablet is so much more portable than a laptop.

Sadly, Walmart's promised delivery date of Monday seems to have gone by the wayside. Interestingly, popping into Walmart it was necessary to enquire where to pick up ordered goods. The staff completely ignored me and kept on talking to each other when asked where to go. That was not very promising. They had to be reminded that the customer came first. Mind, I suppose if staff are paid peanuts then employers can expect monkeys.

Meanwhile, good news on the transport front. It seems that the new mobile accommodation is looking more likely and more promising. Apparently the God-awful tires on the vehicle are to be replaced with tires in a better condition and the oil leak that was on it is cured.

Basically, good news all around. There's precious little need to be online 24x7 and precious little need to have a 24x7 connection or even a DSL connection unless one watches videos all the time via youtube.

The transfer from a corded data connection does not look to be adversely affecting anything to be brutally honest. It is making connection time have more point to it as connection time costs money. In fact, with prudent connecting and judicious use of wifi hotspots, there's no real reason why internet use should cost much more than just the ordinary cellphone bill. That immediately eliminates $55 a month in expenditure.

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