Monday, October 13, 2014

Mobility and possibly upward too

Today I have considered yet again selling my camera gear to rid myself of some old and unhappy memories associated with the purchase of the gear and of the memories of the rather unfortunate photography business that I once owned.

For about the past year I've been trying off and on to sell some of the gear that I own in order to reduce down to a sensible amount. Out of desperation I tried one of the online dealers and went for a quote. It seems I'll get more selling to a dealer than I'd get selling on eBay and of course a ton less hassle.

What narks me tremendously is the amount of money that was thrown away on such a stupid venture as a photography business. Having said that, there really was no alternative to starting a business with such dubious prospects at the time. That's a story for another day though. I feel very much as though somebody saw me coming and said "here comes a sucker - let's fleece him".

Anyway, the amount I'd get selling my stuff isn't a vast sum but it would generate some money - enough to re-equip with more modern equipment and in a different format. Looking at the current selection of camera gear, I notice one huge issue... There seems with the smaller formats to be almost nothing in the way of wide lenses nor anything much in the way of fast lenses.

I am not a professional photographer nor do I have any aspirations to call myself a professional photographer. I am happy taking photos for myself. I don't really care whether people think they're the worst garbage anybody has ever seen nor whether they think they're better than sliced bread. All I care about is taking images and memories that please me. If others like them, it's a bonus.

Two things I would love to photograph are the night sky and the autumn colors. Maybe with a new camera kit, I will feel more like going out specifically to photography the night sky and autumn colors and even both at the same time.

At the moment, it's just thoughts but other plans such as getting more versatile accommodation go hand in hand with my camera plans. I'm slowly freeing myself from an unhappy past. I'm moving forward with both my life and my photography.

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