Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Still spartan posts

My schedule is very busy these days. I'm hoping it settles down to something sensible sooner or later. Monday, for example, I had to be 7 miles from my house at 10am then 6 miles the other side of my house by 2pm then someplace else at 6pm until 9pm. Basically, an 11 hour day during which I never stopped. Today was equally busy and it started at 8am before concluding at 6pm. Tomorrow is another long day - 10am about 20 miles away then be 6 miles away in the other direction by 2 then somewhere closer to home until 9pm. Another 11 hour day. This is how my weeks are shaping up at the moment.

In terms of blogging, I'm just not getting much time right now. It's not just this blog but all of my blogs that are suffering. I might even just ditch my cable internet connection - I'm so busy that I'm just not using it. I'm using mobile communications far more frequently.

When all is done over the next 8 weeks or so, I should be in a better position to blog. There's just a ton of stuff I'm doing right now that should - theoretically - earn me a load more money. That will or should enable me to take a trip to Virginia for the fall colors if not this year then next. I keep saying next year and it never happens. I think I've been saying "next year" for about 10 years.

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