Thursday, October 2, 2014

Have you bought a smart watch yet?

That's it - we're all sick of dumb watches. Who the heck wants a $20 watch that tells the time and keeps on going for 18 months between battery changes? Why not get a brand new smart watch costing $300 that has to be recharged daily or twice daily and which is more desired by the dregs of society who will happily relieve you of its burden and sell it in exchange for drugs.

The other day at an event, two people were seen with smart watches. Heaven alone knows what the brands were but they were sported by two college age people that could well have been students. This was the very first time such a bizarre item has actually revealed itself in my vicinity.

When smart watches came out, the question asked was "why". The question still applies. My 10 year old Lorus Quartz watch that has long since ceased to be waterproof still works just fine. The battery costs maybe $5 every 18 months. It tells the time perfectly adequately, is lightweight and quite rugged.

It could end up being like tablets - gadgets that are laptop clones that are sold on portability but for which everybody eventually buys a keyboard anyway. Certainly, I have a tablet - the cheapest I could possibly get. It's great for playing Scrabble against friends but for anything else it's painfully slow and painfully underpowered. If it were not for playing scrabble with friends, I would not even have a tablet.

As for a smart watch, I can't even fathom how I'd use one, what I'd use it for or why I'd even want one. The screens are too small to do anything meaningful for example displaying photographs. The processing power would be minimal and the battery life is too short. I'm pretty baffled about what on earth they'd be used for. Until I absolutely positively cannot live without a smartwatch, the $300 of price tag is staying firmly in my wallet where it will be used on such irresponsible fripperies as food and gasoline.

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