Thursday, November 6, 2014

Has it been a week already?

There's nothing really been happening in terms of photography recently. Certainly camera companies are probably churning out new editions of cameras but keeping up with it all hasn't been a priority. Even reviewing books has fallen by the wayside for the moment.

Those with good memories might remember a post about the new paradigm whereby internet connection is sporadic via a cellular phone and a MiFi pad. This has had a very interesting knock-on effect. Instead of spending hours viewing the internet every day, time is spent doing other things. Sleeping habits have improved tremendously and time spent blogging has decreased tremendously.

There have been a couple of new projects that have soaked up a lot of time recently. One was to do with the recent election in the US. Another is arguably the biggest project which is the conversion of an old school bus into a motorhome. This started from an idea about working in a different city and the problem of moving there combined with the idea that it would only be a short term job after which it would be a good idea to move again. Thus was started.

For those that don't know, secondhand schoolbusses are dirt cheap because all the school districts are obliged to dispose of them after about 10 years or 100,000 miles. They're built for 500,000 miles and could last longer. Combine that with the thought of autumn color photography from a motorhome, following the colors and that's pretty close to the current plan.

Since connection time on the phone/mifi pad is precious, no viewing of interminable internet forums now takes place. Blogging is done more rarely now - more so because Google's Blogger app tends to lose entries rather than posting them. Thus, the side effect is that this blog has become somewhat quiet of late.

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