Friday, November 14, 2014

Have computers had their day?

Time was when people got home from work or school and sat down to hobbies, card games or reading. Later, radio took over as people's big interest. Not many years after that, television took over then computers and the internet. Have computers now had their day?

These days an increasing number of people use tablets for their internet consumption. Tablets are largely internet consumption devices though with an added keyboard, their role as netbooks and even laptop replacements has soared.

For years the sole computer at this location was an Apple Mac. That has almost been retired as a tablet takes over even for blog updates. A Chromebook is a cross between a laptop and a tablet but is neither one nor the other. We're almost at the stage where wifi is universally available, allowing use of online services that truly make the need for computers obsolete.

Photographers cry out that photo editing tools are simply not available for tablets nor are tablets powerful enough yet much photo editing can now be done online instead. Data storage has gone online too.

It looks as though we are at the cusp of a revolution where all data is held and processed centrally for people and where only simple devices are needed to access and manipulate that data. Has 1984 truly arrived?

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