Sunday, November 23, 2014

Connection issues

At the moment, the MiFi pad is refusing to connect to the cellular network. This is not surprising. The underside of the Walmart Straight Talk UMX MiFi pad bears the name Tracfone and of course Tracfone is a hitch-hiker on Sprint's network. For the first couple of weeks all was well. The MiFi pad connected at both my home and my girlfriend's home.

Starting on Friday, the pad refused steadfastly to connect to the internet. A check using my mobile phone (which uses T-Mobile's network as a hitch-hiker) proved that the balance on the MiFi pad was 2.115GB and that it wouldn't expire until December 20th. Now that should mean there should not be any problem.

Ages ago Virgin was the cellphone of choice. Virgin was a hitch-hiker on Sprint's network. The modus operandi seemed to entail a reduced service at the towers. My workplace was right next to the phone mast yet at Christmas the bars which had read full service the rest of the year dropped to zero. It would not seem unlikely that Sprint inflicts this on all its piggyback users.

Needless to say, an email has been sent to custserv @ straight detailing the issue and giving the MiFi pad number. It will be interesting to see whether a response is received or whether the bargain MiFi pad turns out to be a $120 lemon.

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