Monday, December 1, 2014


The connection issues of last week were resolved satisfactorily. An email had been sent which received no quick response. The solution turned out to be a case of phoning Straight Talk whereupon the issue that had plagued me for several days was resolved. It seems the phone helpline actually works even though understanding some of the strange accents was a little challenging.

No photography has taken place lately save for photographs of work in progress on the bus that is being converted into a motorhome. Sadly, until that is completed, blog posting will be taking somewhat of a back seat. The aim of the bus conversion is to allow freer movement around the country to work for more lucrative employers. The goal is to have the conversion done by January 1st.

Here follow some photographs of work in progress. The bus was stripped of bunk beds (down one side) then of the cabinets down the other side before finally being empty. Then it was used to help my ladyfriend to move house.

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