Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Another week went by

Honestly, with the way life is at the moment, the photography blog seems to be taking way too much of a back seat.

This week has been the most incredible whirlwind. Let's see what has happened this past seven days:
Thursday last week was spent cooking and working.
Friday the cooked food and some clothes were packed then off to work then off for the weekend.
Saturday was spent working all day on my bus, filling screw holes on the outside.
Sunday was spent painting the roof of the bus - from breakfast til dusk without a break.
Monday I drove from where my bus is parked to work then after work to my home.
Tuesday I worked my voluntary hospital job then my paid job then went home.
Wednesday (today) I attended a hospital Christmas party then went off to work.

How much photography time have I had? None! Until the bus is completed, photography has to take a back seat. The bus is future accommodation. As soon as the outside is done, I'll start work on the inside then and only then can I move into it and away from my current accommodation. After that, there might again be some photography time.

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