Monday, November 10, 2014

Still no Internet

There has been no internet here since October 19th. It is now November 10th. Aside from posting becoming less regular and less frequent, there has been no noticeable change. That says an awful lot about the worth of the internet.

Photos do get posted from my internet-connected smartphone but only when available public wifi can be used. Generally, aside from smartphone photos, my bigger cameras get barely any use at all at the moment. Things of a more pressing nature get done first. Right now, that includes work, a short course that ends in a few days and converting a bus into a motor home.

The Jury is still out on whether I will sell my current camera setup partially or in its entirety. Generally, I don't need the quantity of equipment that I have. For the most part, smartphone photos are so darned good that there's little point in lugging around huge cameras. The differences are that bigger cameras are better in low light and at higher ISOs as well as being able to take a zoom lens. Other than that, there's little to differentiate between a smartphone and a digital SLR when it comes to the final image - especially when most images are seen solely on computer and tablet screens

The question is more these days - is photography about the final image, capturing the moment or about posing like a prima ballerina showing off the latest and greatest cameras. I get more and more the impression that people prefer to pose than to take pictures. Indeed - look at internet camera forums and it'll be impossible to see any real photographers - all lost amidst a sea of poseurs.

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