Saturday, June 28, 2014

Zephod's Gazette series

In addition to the existing Zephod's Gazette (now renamed Zephod's Photo Gazette), now there are several Zephod's Gazettes - one for each day of the week.
Published once a week, these are your best bet for keeping up with current events.
  • Zephod's Sunday Gazette - Sundays 6am Eastern Time. This is largely of interest to the churchgoing folk of South Carolina and beyond. A collection of church announcements, church news, religious news, photos and videos.
  • Zephod's Business Gazette - Mondays 8am Eastern Time. Aimed at the business community, this contains politics, financial, business information and commentary from established and respected sources.
  • Zephod's Photo Gazette - Tuesdays 8am Eastern Time - Concentrating primarily on high-speed and astrophotography with videos and news items, there is some political and business content also.
  • Zephod's Medical Gazette - Wednesdays 8am Eastern Time. Aimed at the medical community there're articles from all over the world on medicine, medical specialists and medical jobs.
  • Zephod's South Carolina Gazette - Thursdays 8am Eastern Time. Concentrating on politics and eventa around South Carolina. This brings news and views from the people that matter.
  • Zephod's Book Gazette - Fridays 8am Eastern Time. A roundup for the weekend of books worth reading, new books, how to publish books and generally anything to do with books and reading.
  • Zephod's Travel Gazette - Saturdays 8am Eastern Time. Anything to do with travel - destinations, articles, videos, photography. All ready to get your weekend off with a bang.
It is unknown at this time whether these gazettes will become popular or not. They should but there's just no telling. This is largely an experiment but if it proves successful then who know what will happen. They're each published once per week and focussed on individual topics - hence the names of the gazettes.

Being that I am a hobby photographer, hobby author and a hobby blogger but a professional in the medical field, living in South Carolina, the above gazette list makes a load of sense. How much I'll actually read those gazettes remains to be seen since they're auto-generated.

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