Friday, June 20, 2014

60 seconds of complete garbage

This is a cartoon book by 60 second marketer that I had the misfortune to encounter. I normally take books like this apart and work through them section by section but this miserable affair is just 19 pages of two or three sentences per page. There's hardly anything worth reading in this garbage.

Essentially what this is, is a plug for 60 second marketer. It talks about ROI (Return on Investment) but doesn't ever specify what the investment consists of. Logic dictates that the investment would be something along the lines of:
  • Office space - provision of the office, the fixtures, the fittings.
  • Manpower - having some unwashed, smelly computer geek playing Space Invaders while pretending to work and soaking up company money.
  • Computer - providing the smelly computer geek with expensive equipment, electricity and light.
The return on investment had better be pretty damn good for that. Let's work that out over a year.
  • Cost of a computer $600
  • Cost of electricity for lighting $60
  • Cost of electricity for heating/cooling that office $2400 a year
  • Wages for smelly, unwashed computer geek $7.25 an hour for 30 hours a week over 52 weeks is $11,310.
  • Cleaning costs for cleaning up after unwashed, smelly computer geek $100 a week ($520).
Total expense over a year $14,890 and that's not including the cost of the internet connection nor the liability issues in case said low-wage staff member says something highly inappropriate online.

Gauging return from such a dubious investment is mind-bogglingly hard. This is what the book promises to provide but fails spectacularly to do, instead offering a course in ROI. I'd say give this book a complete miss.


  1. Hi Zephod --

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on my e-book about Social Media ROI.

    I'm sorry it didn't suit your needs. I've discussed this subject on CNN and written extensively about it on Mashable, Social Media Examiner and in each of my books on the subject. It looks as though what I wrote above was a mis-match for you, but those things happen, so no worries..

    As a fellow Brit, I will say that I appreciate your honesty and frankness. Perhaps we can debate the merits of the e-book over a pint in Covent Garden someday.


    1. Thanks for commenting. I'm glad to see that I'm not blogging to a non audience. I'd love to debate the merits of eBooks with you. Your profile says you're in Atlanta so maybe if you feel the urge to head over to Columbia then we can meet and discuss our very different experiences of social media.