Thursday, June 26, 2014

Photography is a scam

Yes - you did just read that correctly. Photography is a scam. It is a scam like no other - I don't mean that the taking of photographs is a scam but everything surrounding photography is a massive scam.

In an earlier article I wrote about the incredible ink rip-off where in costs more than vintage champagne. Consumer Reports studied ink and declared it to appallingly expensive at $9,600 a gallon. Thus, printing out photos is going to be a huge rip off.

In another earlier article, I wrote about the great digital rip-off where the camera manufacturers have been ripping off the public for the best part of two decades with drip-fed improvements in cameras that really amount to nothing. 

The same nonsensical "improvements" have happened to lenses and flashes equally. The value of equipment purchased just a year or two earlier will plummet as soon as the newer edition comes out. There is no such thing as anything in photography that maintains value. Older film equipment always used to maintain a good level of value and was better made. Digital by comparison is like handing your wallet to the nearest alcoholic. It does no good to blow the money whatsoever. Given the excessive cost of today's camera equipment, it becomes a lark for those with no money sense.

How about the so-called professionals that advertise on Facebook, Craigslist and on eBay? They're just trying to make their cameras pay for themselves. They care nothing about image quality - they want a fast buck and that's all. Indeed, some buy cameras having been told it's the way to riches and end up selling $100 wedding photography. What about the "professionals" at wedding shows and who advertise in the Yellow Pages? Same story - just rip-off merchants trying to make a fast buck from something with essentially no value.

Oh but we have missed out printer manufacturers - another sea of grasping greedy hands looking to empty the pockets of the unsuspecting. Printers are designed to last but a few short years before they die. Indeed, experience of a Canon inkjet proved this. It worked perfectly right up until the end when it came up with an error message that could not be cleared. It had had about 4 years of sporadic printing. Normally way before the ink jet becomes out of date, the manufacturer ceases to supply ink, thereby killing it dead.

Just about every which way you look for photography, there's a scam. Look at the way you're channelled into buying ever more expensive gear by virtue of the cheaper gear being so designed that image quality is deliberately lacking. The whole of photography is a scam from top to bottom.

Photography is an expensive hobby. If you want to practice photography as a hobby then choose secondhand equipment and choose it wisely because the only way of offloading it if you don't like it will be to dump it in a garbage skip. The cheapest camera you can buy comes on your mobile phone. That is largely all most people really need.

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