Sunday, June 15, 2014

Play nice on the phone - honey attracts more bees than vinegar

You are the voice of the company. When you pick up the telephone, act responsibly. This was a phonecall I had today...

<caller> Hello Rachel
<me> There's nobody here called Rachel.
<caller> Oh... *click*

What was wrong with that call? More than that - what was right with that call? The whole call was horrible. This is not how anybody should act on the phone. Needless to say, I googled the number and found it was one of those miserable little recruitment agencies.

What the caller should have done is...

<caller> Hello, This is John from Acme Inc, may I speak with Rachel please.

People just don't give their name and their company name. The rule of good etiquette is that you state your identity so people know they're dealing with a human then the company so they know it's a business call then identify the purpose of the call. "Hello Fred" just doesn't cut it!

In fact, I hang up on people that don't state their name, who they're working for and the subject of the call. If I have to ask, I get very surprised responses. Maybe I need to set up a course in "telephone operation" because most people don't seem to understand it - not even half the receptionists I speak with. 

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