Monday, June 23, 2014

83 Best Social Media Tools - eBook review

This is another book by 60 second marketer. As always I approach books with an open mind when I review them. Flipping quickly through its 14 pages, I saw no immediately apparent chapters or overview which had me wondering what on earth I was looking at.

Reading this on a 7 inch tablet is not really recommended - the format works better on a bigger tablet as on a 7 inch, the text is small unless its panned and zoomed. This is just a layout issue that's not really a big problem. It'd be nice if it was addressed since most tablets are 7 inch.

Looking more closely at the content of the book, its actually a rather nifty list of resources available online. I can't say I have used many of them. In fact I've used maybe half a dozen. Some I really like such as Twitterfeed which feeds this blog to Twitter so it reaches potentially 14,000 accounts. Some I found less useful but I really like what the author has done here.

Ages ago, I used to rate things on a star scale. I used to award five stars for the best and five blackholes for the worst. These days I just give my opinion. My opinion is that this is a bloody excellent resource. Full marks on this one, 60 second marketer.


  1. Thanks for your review. I'm glad you found this e-book helpful. Many of the tools outlined in the e-book will come in handy.


  2. I have quite a few ebooks you've written selected for review. This is a photography website but anything to do with social media and social media marketing is relevant to the site. Aside from Google content searches, its about the only way to get viewers.

    If you're ever in Columbia SC, I'd love to meet and chat about social media etc.