Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mindless moronicism in the workplace

Yet again, the voting season is upon us. Representatives and wannabes are all slithering out of their closets aiming to butter-up a tired and cynical population that has the memory of a retarded snail. The usual quotes "if voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal" (attributed to Emma Goldman) and "Don't vote - it only encourages them" (possibly Billy Connolly) are making the rounds. Millions of dollars are spent each year encouraging the population to vote for one tired hack politician over another tired hack politician. None of the politicians on offer are remotely worthwhile. Indeed one candidate advocated killing off a few of the more unsavory politicians.
For most of the time, politics can be thoroughly ignored. The politicians sit in their ivory castles, surrounded by armed guards who repel any voter that questions them or wishes to meet with them. Essentially once elected to the gravy train, politicians are largely unaccountable, uncontactable and off on popular paid-for junkets. All they have to do is to play nice around election time and they're back in office. People have incredibly short memories.

Recently a sign was seen beside a road stating that the electorate should vote for anybody except Lindsey Graham with absolutely no explanation. Meanwhile pro Lindsey Graham adverts seem to pop up daily online. This is beginning to be somewhat annoying.

What the public needs is a politician that is contactable, who will work on their behalf and who does not abuse the open wallet that the taxpayer gives them. As it is, the system is broken. There is little to no oversight of what politicians do with taxpayer's money. How many choose fine dining with expensive wines, expensive haute cuisine over something fairly standard that the rest of the population eats? This is where money is being wasted - wads of taxpayer's hard earned cash.

The election circus that starts two full years before an election is ridiculous. The actions of politicians are ridiculous. To have two camps Republicans and Democrats is utterly ridiculous. That should be swept away with the high school playground gangs. What is needed is representatives that will work for their electorate regardless. The two extremes of Republican and Democrat are abhorrent in a civilised society. One is extreme right wing and the other is extreme left wing. Middle-of-the-road may be bland but it leads to stable government where the elected actually work for the electorate.

South Carolina has had a series of very bad governors by way of example. The previous incumbent reportedly went off with taxpayers money on sex holidays to other countries. The current incumbent refuses to support the Affordable Care Act. Indeed some have wondered whether the current incumbent is in cahoots with Blue Shield Blue Cross because they don't want their gravy train upset by ACA. Some would go further and call it a cartel. Needless to say, without support for ACA, millions of low income individuals in South Carolina have to suffer ill health which reflects on their chances of employment. Many even die because of the lack of affordable healthcare. It is thus unsurprising that a Virginia Democrat has all but put a bounty on the head of the governor.

Indeed as an independent looking to join in the race to be the next representative, the obstacles to getting onto the ballot are tremendous. The system is now set up in such a protective way that only members of large parties or those with a lot of spare money can enter the race. Joe Soap from Nowheremuch would not now be able to stand for election. The founding fathers would weep if they saw the mess that the system has become.

So, with all this going on, politics always rears its ugly head in the workplace. As a cynic, politics doesn't bother me that much. People rabbiting on about it is more annoying than anything else. Coming from Britain where none of the politicians were worth the minor effort of visiting the polling booth, the same criticism can be levelled at US elections. There is nothing that is remotely redeeming about any of the proffered candidates. Thus, if Mike Dickerson were to slaughter not just the individuals stated but the whole lot, it would be unlikely that anybody would really care. Yet people seem to get all hot and bothered about their playground gangs.

How do you approach the mindless moronicism of politics in your workplace?

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