Sunday, June 29, 2014

Business emails - Presentation and style

It does not matter who you are or whom you are addressing. All email recipients require the same level of diplomacy, consistency and correctness. Writing an email laced with profanity is the same as an email laced with grammatical and spelling errors. It screams amateur or ghetto or uneducated. It does not matter what your own personal feelings are toward the subject or the recipient. An email is the face of your business. Emails can and do get published online and their demerits discussed thoroughly.

The email above was received today from John Carson with the title "Mic drop from President Obama" and CCd to President Obama. There are several huge blunders in this email. 

The email sender believes I am a friend which I am not. I am a citizen of the United States of America. I have never met the sender nor met President Obama. Thus a claim that I am a friend is entirely baseless. Friends have to meet in order to consider themselves friends. 

The sender commits the ultimate sin of including gratuitous profanity in the email. As this appears to be sent with the authority of the US President, it tends to lend an air disproportionate to the office. Indeed, it could be said to appear very ghetto in its approach.

I respect the office of the US President as the office in charge of the country. The incumbent totally lost my respect today by permitting such a ghetto-esque email to be published on their behalf.

In business, you absolutely cannot afford to upset customers and prospective customers. Bad news travels faster than good and much more effectively. While I accept that the email was written by some irresponsible hothead, it does leave a worse impression of the current US President. Pay attention to your business emails - they matter  more than you can imagine. 

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