Sunday, February 1, 2015

Viva la revolution

Yesterday morning I was all for selling everything. I had been so frustrated by the lack of progress that I just wanted to wash my hands. I'd been trying for several years to sell those miserable Canon flash units. It didn't matter where I advertised, either nobody responded  or when they did, they wanted to pay way below market value or wanted some funky conditions attached.

After conversations with various friends, I eventually resolved to sell the items that I had been going nuts trying to sell over the last couple of years. Since I closed the photography business I'd been pressured to start - despite having zero interest in making my hobby into a business - in 2011, I'd been struggling to find buyers. Hence when I found a dealer was in town to buy gear, I was resolute to be there.

Thus, after a long drive to Charlotte, I sold the stuff I didn't want. It was without a doubt very therapeutic. I hated having money tied up in stuff I don't use and had no use for.

In the end I kept a minimal setup of two lenses with my elderly camera. It just didn't make economic sense to sell adequately megapixeled equipment in order to buy just different equipment.

So today I hope I laid some ghosts to rest and reclaimed my hobby.

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