Tuesday, February 17, 2015

And what now?

Right now I've reduced my photographic equipment to two very elderly DSLRs that would struggle to raise $100 but which work really well and a pair of lenses, one of which is a rather unpopular model that exhibits an image stabilization flaw. Basically, I have reduced to a level of equipment that I am not afraid of using. The old saying is that the poor man walks easily whereas the rich merchant walks nervously looking over his shoulder for cutpurses. I hated having the huge value of equipment just lying around. I resented the money tied up in stuff I never used.

My fastest lens is now F4 which means that I probably couldn't do another star photo. As I've probably said, to do star photos I'd need an f2.8 lens and/or a better camera. To do more high-speed photography I would need to get a fast flash. I can't say that I could really justify the expenditure on something of such limited use.

So, what is the way forward for my photography? Well, I'm going to concentrate on making the most out of my more limited equipment. The honest truth is that though I have used the stuff I sold, it wasn't often enough to merit keeping it. I'd rather have things I use than things I don't. I have all I need for autumn color photography. That is my oldest passion.

Each year there has been some reason why I didn't go to photograph autumn colors. The first few years it was because somebody else didn't want to go. Then it was because of work and lack of money. This year I should have my bus and should be ready to head North.

For several years a friend has wanted me to visit Canada with him. For years I have had excuses. Excuses no more! This year is the year of doing. My accommodation will be sorted out as is my transport. All I have to do is to stop being afraid of missing out on things that aren't worth as much as the experience and the photos.

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