Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Selling the last lens

After forgetting to take the Tamron 17-35 to Charlotte, I was kicking myself. Its a good little lens that I used in Key West and for night photo is but its duplicated by my 17-85 although the 17-85 is f4-5.6 whereas this lens is f2.8. I'll be honest - I barely use the Tamron because its range is so short.

Thus, I announced my huge bake sale of camera gear on a Facebook group and the only things people were interested in were the two Tamron lenses I had. That was weird! Mind, as I've said before, I believe expensive electronic flashes are on their way out. They're so expensive most amateurs don't buy them. ISOs have become so high that flashes are almost redundant. By way of example, the photographs of a few posts ago of the night sky. They were shot at 30 second exposure with ISO 1600. With a more modern camera with a really high ISO such as 102,400 the exposure would have been 6 stops different. The actual exposure time would have been 1/2 of a second. That's almost hand held territory.

Two people expressed interest in that lens. One showed no more interest after the first inquiry. The second wanted to beat an already low price even lower. Seeing as it will either sell to them or go for God knows what on eBay, I let them have first choice and hence sold the lens.

The plan having sold the lens is to continue astrophotography but there are two interesting routes that could be followed. The first would be to get a wide angle fast lens for between $300 and $600. The second would be to use my existing lenses but possibly use a newer camera with higher isos for about $500. Were I to go for the new camera route, I could sell my existing cameras (with which I am happy) to part finance it all.

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