Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Phoenix Rises

My night sky photo of the clouds parting of a few posts ago is somewhat evocative of my photography. After years in the doldrums, having now sold that which was weighing me down both physically and emotionally, my interest in photography has returned.

I'm not somebody that particularly cares whether their photos are appreciated nor condemned as in the past many have sought to condemn yet few ever to praise. This is not, I suspect, because my photos are remotely bad but more because it's more fun for people to tear other people and their work to shreds than to be constructive. I seem to attract the negative comments. One of my friends gets all positive comments and her comment about the worth of the comments is the same as mine... The commentaters wouldn't recognise a good photo if it got up and crowned them! I could put up the most brilliant photo and get only negativity and she could put up the worst and get only praise.

The sole remaining thing to sell is my Tamron 17-35. It's a great lens but the length is duplicated by my Canon 17-85 though the Canon lens is F4 - a whole stop slower. After that I might get the Rokinon/Samyang/whatever in 14mm - if I can find one secondhand. I refuse to pay new prices for anything anymore.

Rather than trying to be all things to all people as I had to when I had a photography business, I'm concentrating on the things that interest me. I really couldn't care less what some balding beer gut hiding behind a computer in their mother's basement has to say about my images. I am reclaiming my photography for me and my pleasure. If you like it then good, I'm happy. If you don't then I'm not going to rush out and buy a razor blade to slit my wrists. No! I'm going to get a length of sturdy hemp rope, tie a good sized noose in it and toss it over the branch of a tree and offer my critics the opportunity to try swinging from the rope!

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