Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bothered by agencies

As most regular readers will know, I'm always on the lookout for better paid, more interesting work. I don't think I have ever looked on CareerBuilder for photography jobs other than for a laugh to see what the scams on offer are. Anyway, I went to CareerBuilder yesterday and applied for a load of non-retail managerial positions. The calls I had were all about what I'd assume are entry level sales poitions. Nothing remotely like what I actually applied for.

In a similar vein, when I apply for many CareerBuilder positions, I find that respondents calling invariably ask for my resume despite having had it via CareerBuilder. Clearly a load of timewasters so applications now are accompanied by the following as an experiment to see whether anybody actually reads anything bar name and phone number..

Accompanying letter:

Read this very carefully...

No sales positions at all. I've done sales and don't wish to repeat the experience. I excel at anything I do so give me something new and challenging.

Agencies... If you are an agency and can't get an answer that means that your number has been blocked due to your past unsatisfactory performance. I never unblock a blocked number but do hand them over to my telemarketer, Jehovah's witnesses and Christian scientist associates.

Telemarketers... I simply block and report you.

Genuine employer looking for staff... please leave a voice message stating your name, your company's name, the position you wish to interview me for and the location.

Please note, I do not waste my time with LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, Pinterest or any other online time waster. I will not be visiting websites at your request, no matter how big the carrot dangled is - its not good value for my time.

Think very carefully about the message you leave and about the fact I am after a stimulating, challenging position that will fully utilize my considerable skills and intelligence. 

end accompanying letter

I then applied for a load of jobs not in sales. How many sales jobs will be in my voicemail tomorrow? I'm taking bets on greater than ten!

And tomorrow we will return you to your regular schedule of photography articles.

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