Thursday, February 19, 2015

My life as a videographer

For those that don't know, as required I shoot video. Again and I must stress this, I'm very happy being an amateur videographer and have no desire whatsoever to be a professional videographer. Indeed with video cameras being as available as stills cameras and stills cameras being as available as cigarettes, the chance of anybody going into business with the aim of being a videographer/photographer with any great success is slightly slimmer than the chance of the Titanic docking in North Dakota.

One of the people I shoot video for on occasion is a larger lady who goes by the name Dixie Nash on her YouTube site. The videos are not artistic as the video camera work is focused on what her audience likes. I've pretty much given up on doing selfie videos for my photography blog for the moment. My own videos are done on an aged and decrepit Canon S1 IS that was gifted to me back in 2004. It's 11 years old which is an eternity in the electronic world and has been repaired once for a manufacturing flaw. After the repair the photos were terrible but the video remains excellent. In fact, the video probably beats that of my phone in all but size.

The Dixie Nash videos are all aimed at people - usually men - that like to watch larger ladies with food. There's a fetish out there that is called feederism. I don't understand the fetish myself but it revolves around watching women eating and watching women getting bigger and bigger. Indeed, the world's fattest woman has quite a following on her YouTube account and make most of her income from people watching videos of her with food.

One of the biggest problems is the YouTube comments. Some people seem to like nothing better than to set up multiple accounts in order to write multiple negative comments on the videos. This is not something I really quite understand myself. Maybe I can. I did once know somebody who would follow a semis conservative stance and would happily denounce others for no apparent reason. In public they were polite to everybody but in private their true feelings came out. Indeed the same person would announce their true feelings online under an anonymous identity. I'm wondering if the same kind of person does this on YouTube.

Dixie Nash is a pleasant, gregarious, generous, positive thinking lady who merely puts up videos on YouTube catering toward a specific audience. When she sees the negative comments, some of which are obscene, she wonders whether the commenters have yet left grade school. I look and wonder how long its going to take Google to delete their accounts after reporting their obscenities. Today, for example one poster was advocating "remove yourself from the gene pool". That with any luck will result in the commenter's account being deleted. Dixie does not deserve nastiness If you don't like her videos, you have my and her permission not to watch them!

My own theory is that the internet allows a cloak of anonymity that is abused. Perhaps China and Russia - two of the most repressive regimes in the world have a point when they make users register their web identities. It might make people more responsible for what they say if they were more accountable. More than that - if they knew how fully accountable they were. Of course all this goes back to a total lack of respect for self and others that is plaguing today's post religion world. We have become a world where God has been replaced by Madonna, John Wayne, Oprah and Dr Phil.

In years gone by, my father commented ruefully on the graffiti on the wall of a bus shelter we used to pass that given the style, content and grammar of the graffiti, some people would have been better off not bothering to learn to read and write These days, I'm pretty sure that had Tim Berners Lee realized what use the world wide web would have been put to, he would have designed it differently. In fact, I do wonder sometimes whether it wouldn't have been better if electricity had not been discovered.

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