Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Who are you?

It seems that there are two kinds of people in the world - doers and talkers. It's very reminiscent of a conversation with an old friend, Paul Portway, when in university. The conclusion was that those that were virgins talked incessantly about the number of partners they had and the number of times they spent time with their partners while those that were not virgins never mentioned anything, keeping their affairs behind closed doors. It follows that those that talk about something never actually do anything.

Look at all the camera forums online and watch the conversations. Hardly any conversations occur on how to do something. Most conversations are about what equipment is best, whether brand X is better than brand Y etc. Perhaps the most ridiculous are the conversations about what *might* happen in the future. There's nothing that's based in reality or on actual photography.

So, who are you?

The Gadegeteer - This specimen likes to collect shiny new camera gear yet rarely brings it out for use other than for testing purposes. Gadgeteers never produce worthwhile images and seldom show their work.

The Forum Pundit - This specimen hangs around internet forums, posting other people's work as their own, often pretends to be a professional photographer (little realising that professionals work and don't want to be bothered on their downtime). This specimen also likes to participate in inane debates about pointless technical ideas.

The Photographer - This specimen goes out, takes photos, occasionally showing them to friends or family or online. They're generally reluctant to show online for fear of a barrage of negativity from Forum Pundits.

The casual photographer - This specimen uses a camera - whatever camera they can find and takes pictures to depict what they see.

So who are you? Are you one of the above or somebody totally different? Use the comment form below to let everybody know.

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