Friday, September 12, 2014

Photography and politics 2

Over the past few weeks, one of the things assigned to me was the photography for the South Carolina Gubernatorial election for one of the candidates. The fun thing has been designing and putting together all the online advertisements. Thus far there have been three completed and there's another under development.

All of the advertisements are supposed to give a man of the people image. The first video has a voter reading off a card. This was styled after Margaret Thatcher's election campaign video of 1978 just before she swept into power. The presentation is still valid today.
After that, there were two more videos, from which the style was taken from an old-school master of propaganda. Neither have sound on the basis that many people just turn the sound off on videos. Why waste sound as it's something that's just not getting heard.
Well, having shown the videos, I suppose I'd better show you his Twitter and Facebook pages. The Twitter is @GovSage. The Facebook is here for the account and here for the page. His campaign does need funding in order to produce more videos, attend conventions etc so his indigogo funding account is here.

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