Tuesday, September 23, 2014


A few days ago, I looked into using Foursquare again for a bit of fun. What a seismic change! It's now split into two apps - the Foursquare app and the Swarm app. Neither seem to have remotely the functionality that the old app used to and they wouldn't link in to an auto-update nor would they auto-post to Twitter. Foursquare has pretty much wrecked an app that had limited use anyway.

It was good to see that the silly things had gone from Foursquare. In the past, being the person with the most checkins at a site earned the "Mayorship" of the site. That was about as silly as the number of "badges" earned by visiting a variety of different venues. It's good to see that nonsense had vanished.

The question is now whether Foursquare actually serves a function. For me, as it now seems to be totally broken, it serves no function whatsoever. There was a very specific use I had for it but it seems better now just to use Twitter while Twitter still functions.

So the question is - is there a geolocation app that will do the kind of things I want now? Answers on the back of a postcard if you can find an app that I can link into a website that:

  • Auto-Logs me into certain locations. For example if I set it to log me in when I visit the bakery then every time I visit the bakery, it records it and publishes it on my website.
  • Logs me in as required at various locations when commanded to do so.
  • Does not record my position when it's not required.

Simple stuff that Foursquare and and auto-checkin app all used to do just fine.

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