Thursday, September 4, 2014

The problem with Youtube

Think of online video and immediately the thought is of Youtube. Youtube has been around since time immemorial in technological terms. It's almost been around since technological dinosaurs such as IBM AS400s were popular.

Youtube has issues though - many, deep-rooted issues. The following video is a classic example of one of those issues. Uploading to Youtube has degraded the quality somewhat but that's not the major issue. The major issue is that the captions (which youtube calls "annotations") don't appear on mobile devices nor on some other devices. Given that most views of this blog are from people using mobile devices and hazarding a guess that most people these days use a mobile device rather than a laptop or a desktop, this is a problem that youtube needs to resolve. Try watching the video on a mobile device and a PC/Mac and see the difference!

Don't get me wrong - youtube is useful and highly entertaining. It's possible to watch both educational and entertaining things on youtube. It's just that the frilly niceties don't really work quite like they should or perhaps quite as the end user expects.

The above video was a quick video shot for the South Carolina Gubernatorial campaign of 2014. The budget was non-existent for the campaign so it has all been done with no glitz. Only time will tell whether this works or not. It's quite likely that only big money wins elections and thus it's possible to say that only the biggest wallet can buy a seat in office.

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