Friday, September 26, 2014

Camera manufacturers are missing the point

How short sighted are camera manufacturers? They're all trying to rehash the same, tired old concepts year after year. Cameras have become like mobile phones - everybody makes one and nobody makes one that's any different from all the others. I can go and buy a Pentax SLR and it looks and works just like a Nikon SLR and that too works and looks just like a Canon SLR. There's no difference in their capabilities at all. How boring! There's absolutely nothing to make me want to buy one over another.

The new mirrorless cameras are at the moment just an interesting gimmick. None are sufficiently smaller than an SLR to make buying them particularly worthwhile not to mention they are extraordinarily expensive. Not only are they mechanically simpler but they cost at least 10% more than a comparable digital SLR.

Given that Fuji had a digital SLR capable of photographing in the visible, UV and IR and all three spectrums simultaneously, it is amazing that this feature has not been employed on any of the new mirrorless cameras. It is further astounding that night vision which is found on all security cameras has not been employed either on mirrorless digital cameras.

The more one looks at the new mirrorless cameras, the more one wonders just how much of a milking expedition this new genre will be. It would not be surprising to find megapixels dripping out 1 at a time then features appearing on one model and vanishing off another. It's the usual game manufacturers play. Interesting things like infra-red, night vision and ultra-violet imaging are probably not going to be included on mainstream cameras, sadly. It's not a case of vested interests but rather a case of manufacturers being collectively too yellow to try anything interesting.

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