Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Entertaining idiocy

Posting things onto online forums can be absolutely fascinating. The reactions are generally very extreme with name-calling and personal attacks. The capability of the respondents for misunderstanding the spirit of any post and indulging in nit-picking attacks based on complete misinterpretations is not really astounding. It's more disheartening that people can be collectively so asinine. Often times one wonders whether the poster's shoe size is greater than their IQ.

The other day, in order to see what would happen, a synopsis of trying to gain a face painter in order to do face painting and photography was posted, referring to this article. Of the posts (on two separate forums), 99% totally missed the point of the article. The point was that people just don't seem to want to work. People just don't seem to want to earn their living. People just prefer to be spoon fed. It's possible (even though it is painful to say this) to agree with what Margaret Thatcher was on about.
Yes, I can give you examples of companies where employees have struck themselves out of jobs. And I have to say to them, don't blame your unemployment on me. It's your fault. Margaret Thatcher 05/05/1981
This was about people who went on strike and ended up making the company go bust because of unreasonable demands that management could not fulfill. This is pretty much what happens when people turn their pretty little noses up at jobs. It's the same attitude. It's a job they could do but they refuse to do it so they end up not being paid for doing a job they could do. They'd rather suffer than have something to do and earn a little money.
There is nothing inevitable about rising unemployment.
Margaret Thatcher 19/04/1979
Again... Absolutely right. People just don't try to work or get work. They expect a cushy job just to be handed to them and then expect to be paid as though they are royalty.
I couldn't live without work. That's what makes me so sympathetic towards those people who are unemployed. I don't know how they live without working.Margaret Thatcher 04/05/1980
Yet it seems that people do manage to talk themselves out of work. Looking at the forums, the one thing that comes over loud and clear is that people are looking at the work that was on offer and instead of saying "Hey, I wouldn't be working that day. Maybe I could make some extra cash", they're grinding on about whether taxes would be paid, how much the hourly rate would be, whether there would be enough pay. Now my estimate was that $100 would have been taken in a single day. Offset the cost of the day which wouldn't have been more than $30 and both parties could have walked away with $35 each for 4 - 6 hours, most of which would have been sitting there, being seen to be working which would have been great advertising for both a face painter and a photographer.

Sure - if you look at it with blinkers and say "it's a job" then you're absolutely not cut out for business and should remain either on welfare or go and work for Walmart for minimum wage. If on the other hand you look on it as an opportunity to showcase your skills then the world is your oyster. Just one flea market day could open a whole world of opportunities.

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