Thursday, July 10, 2014

The future of photography - mind control

In a recent article ( the BBC reported on a device that, added to Google Glass will allow the user to concentrate and take a photograph without moving a single muscle nor uttering a single word.
This has endless possibilities and endless security ramifications. Already, Google Glass is hard to distinguish from ordinary spectacles. Imagine the number of people wearing Google Glass with mind-control headsets and what they can observe and photograph without anybody knowing and instantaneously uploading it to the internet. Google Glass is here to stay and there are dozens of Google Glass clones under development in China as this was written. 

Given decent image quality and a decent battery life, cameras with mind control could be faster than the human finger to take a photograph. Gone will be the days when sports photographers have to predict where a ball will be before they take a photograph. Gone will be the days of machine-gun photography where multiple images are taken in quick succession in order to get just the right image. The right image can be taken at the moment something happens - at the speed of thought. Gone will be the delay between the thought and the movement of a finger on a button.

Will the photographers of the future look like Chris Tucker in The Fifth Element? Will videographers be made completely redundant and will photographers be completely redundant as everybody gets Google Glass with thought accessories? Something to ponder. Properly developed and marketed, this could change the future of imaging, the future of news reporting and the future of television. Youtube could end up being a live life experience as we see it. 

Armed robberies could be filmed live from inside banks and streamed live online. Carjackings could be filmed live and streamed live online. Murderers could find their victims filming them as they carry out their grisly missions. Corrupt policemen could be caught in the act and jailed upon arrival back at their police station.

There's a whole wealth or possibilities out there for Google Glass under thought control. There are also horrendous privacy ramifications too - perverts filming in changing rooms etc.

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