Thursday, July 24, 2014

Second figures review

Zephod's gazette series is having mixed success. The readership figures as of 9pm on June 21st are:
Zephod's Book Gazette (Fridays) 15 views
Zephod's Business Gazette (Mondays) 20 views
Zephod's Governor Watch (daily) 60 views
Zephod's Medical Gazette (Wednesdays) 18 views
Zephod's Photo Gazette - formerly Zephod's Gazette - (Tuesdays) 72 views
Zephod's South Carolina Gazette (Thursdays) - 21 views
Zephod's Sunday Gazette (Sundays) - 23 views and one email subscriber
Zephod's Travel Gazette (Saturdays) - 18 views.

It's all interesting stuff and tells me two things. Firstly that Zephod's Photo Gazette and Zephod's Governor Watch are much more popular than any of the other papers. If this trend continues then I'll probably just keep Zephod's Governor Watch and Zephod's Photo Gazette going and quietly stop publishing the other 6.

My other Twitter accounts are linked individually to just one newspaper. Those seem to be getting even lower viewer figures. I suspect that those accounts have largely non-human followers. Perhaps the biggest problem with Twitter is that a goodly percentage of the accounts are fake. They're either 100% automated or they're dormant spammer accounts.

Needless to say, I'll have another look at the newspapers in about a week when they're all a month old and will see about reducing to those that people actually read. I could probably do exactly the same with my Twitter accounts and reduce those to the accounts that actually have some human interaction.

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