Sunday, July 6, 2014

Interesting figures

Is this the start of a new paradigm? The old paradigm used to be Windows had about 60% of the viewing figures followed by Apple with about 20% and the remaining 20% being made up from an assortment of operating systems. The latest snapshot of the pageviews and operating systems shows Linux as the number one with Chrome browser as the number one. This is just plain bizarre.
Chrome used to be an excellent browser when it was first introduced. Now it has become very sloppy with undesired and unexpected sudden and uncontrollable scrolling of displays. It has become sluggish and is easily the slowest loading browser of all. 

The all time figures are different, showing Firefox as the number one browser followed by Chrome and Internet explorer. Windows is number one followed by Apple and Linux (who're almost neck and neck). 
Clearly something has changed in the past few weeks for the apparent paradigm shift away from Windows. Taking a somewhat cynical view of it all, my number one question is - what's real. This is the internet - the stamping ground for everything that is deceptive, misrepresentative, false and downright crooked. I'm going to ask whether the web bots are now describing themselves as Linux machines running Chrome. It would not surprise me one little bit for a Linux fanboy to try to fiddle web viewing figures and that my actual viewers were 2 real people and a can of spinach.

Going back to what I wrote the other day about the miserable salesman, people have all become salesmen for their particular computer. Certainly, I know what I use. I chose it because it doesn't have the flaws that other brands and other operating systems have. I know how I use it to - it suits me. I wouldn't ever try to convince somebody else to get one like mine though. And yes - mine is many years old. I am constantly amazed about the fanboyism surrounding operating systems and brands.

So, I'm pretty baffled as to what's going on with the web stats. I'm pretty suspicious about it as nothing online seems to be particularly kosher - especially web stats.

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