Thursday, July 3, 2014

McSouth Carolina - the McJob state.

As many of my regular readers will know, at one time I had a photography business. The biggest problem was lack of customers. Several times people tried to book me with a barter. Money was what was needed, not barter hence they got turned down. What on earth would I have done with a crate full of china save for putting it at the end of the rifle range and shooting it? It would not have put food on my table, paid my rent or anything else. It would have been working for nothing. It is debateable whether the china would even have been salable in an economy that has crashed.

The biggest problem in McSouth Carolina is the McEconomy where so many people that are classified as "working" are actually working McJobs, earning McWages and using food banks, EBT etc rather than working meaningful jobs that gain them a real income.

Look at the fellow packing your groceries for you in the grocery store. Is he there because that's the only job that he can do or is he there because that's the only job he can find?

In McSouth Carolina, the state is run by a McGovernor that seems to be the puppet of big business. The McGovernor continually crows about new jobs coming to the state but fails to acknowledge that these jobs are not a certainty. The McGovernor also fails to mention that many of the positions will be taken by people transferring in from another state.

The population of McSouth Carolina is 4,774,839 according to the last census. McSouth Carolina has traditionally been one of the poorest states of the union. This is partly due to its agricultural background and partly also due to the economic policies of the North after the disastrous civil war that McSouth Carolina started.

McSouth Carolina was included in the death spiral list on the basis of having more people on welfare than actually working. This is confirmed by Time magazine. A few days ago, the McGovernor was endorsed by small business for supporting small business. The reason for this is because the McGovernor promotes McJobs and McWages instead of trying to lift people out of poverty into real work for real wages.

Given a background where McSouth Carolina ranks out of the 50 states at number 42 for per capita income, anybody wanting to start a business here must have a death wish. To put it bluntly, McSouth Carolina is broke and it gets worse.

McSouth Carolina refuses to support the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) which means that the poor cannot afford to go to the doctor or to the dentist nor to the optician. This year I had a small tax refund due to my low income. Yes - I was working in a McJob. I was the Head Cashier in a bookstore since that was the only job I could find. My girlfriend hasn't been able to find a job for 4 years despite thousands of applications and has to live with her elderly mother as she cannot afford to buy her own food or pay rent or even buy fuel for her vehicle to get to job interviews. She needed glasses to see to drive to those rare job interviews. I used my tax refund to get her some glasses.

The store I was working in closed due to lack of income. The writing was on the wall the entire time I was there - fewer and fewer staff working. Less emphasis paid to getting the store tidy at the end of the day. The daily income was slowly dropping. I used to see the daily income. Being the Head Cashier, I had to count the takings at the end of the day. They were not impressive and hence the store closed. That left me out of work and in the same situation as my girlfriend.

Since that store closed, I have applied for every job I believe I can reasonably do. My attorney looked at me askance when he found I worked for a retail store saying that I could do a Hell of a lot better than that. Sure - if I can get an interview or a job. At the moment I'm not even getting responses from the McJobs on McWages. There is no doubt in my mind that McSouth Carolina is almost bankrupt and will soon hang up a sign on the entrance "closed for business".

My skills? Oh, I have a Bachelor's Degree and am a certified Medical Coder & Biller. It doesn't seem to matter though in McSouth Carolina.

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