Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blogger spammed by Jetsli

They're at it again! The web bot spammers, that is. Every now and then my blog gets spammed by a web crawler. What the owner of the crawler is hoping to do is that by spamming a blog, the owner will become interested enough to investigate the site and then maybe purchase something from the site. It's just somewhat annoying for most bloggers such as myself.
Jetsli,de can join the likes of vampirestat, zombiestat and all the other blog spammers is spammer's Hell as far as I'm concerned. Eventually, Google will work out a way of blocking them but for the moment, it's just frustrating. For a long time this blog was spammed by some gangsters from Easter Europe. They had an opt-out on their website but as I have a policy of never confirming I exist by opting out from something I never opted to join in the first place, it was just a case of waiting for Google to block them. 

Google blocked all the other spammers. I guess in a few weeks, Jetsli will join the list of blocked domains. My other blog A Brit in the US gets typically 40 page views per day. Today it has 95 from Jetsli alone, bringing today's pageviews so far up to 127. That means that so far the blog has had 32 genuine page views - not 127. That's probably about right for an average day. It's not a blog I advertise or publicise or even update more than once every few months.

My immediate thought about the jetsli stuff is that something has gone wrong with their spam engine to be making themselves so visible as 95 hits in a day. This should - with luck - attract Google's attention and get them banished to the darker realms of the internet.

I have a dream that spammers and internet crooks of all varieties will be reincarnated as dung beetles. 

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