Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Introducing Dixie Nash - America's Biggest Girl Next Door

Dixie Nash is America's hottest new plus-size girl next door model. This is the girl that brings reality back into the over-air-brushed, pantomime world of modelling, photography and fashion. This girl is what America is all about. She's a happy, cheerful lady who's not shy to be a real person. She can burp and fart with the best of us.

I discovered Dixie Nash who lives in a trailer in the forests in deepest South Carolina, a few months ago. She was out hunting for possum for dinner and I was out prospecting for gold. For those of you that don't already know, I do head out and pan for gold occasionally. Thus far I've only found small amounts and not yet the mother lode. Dixie was stalking a possum when she wandered into my camp. We chatted and ended up becoming jolly good friends.

Dixie wanted to hit the Internet with photos and videos and since those are both things that I can do, I did some realistic images and videos for her. I don't go for all the glitzy Hollywood-style garbage. My photographs portray real life and real people in real situations without gloss and without frippery. They have been described as hard and graphic.

Dixie Nash has a series of videos out that are becoming increasingly popular. They can be viewed here: Dixie Nash Playlist. Indeed viewing of Dixie Nash videos surpass even the viewing of my photography instructional videos. This is a lady that's going somewhere. Keep an eye open for Dixie Nash and grab an autograph while you still can before she becomes too famous and too important to sign autographs.

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